My Story

Undefined by Convention

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I create honest and colourful art that reflect my thoughts and feelings inspired by the world around me. I take those ideas and translate them into vibrancy and put them onto canvas for others to enjoy. 


My creative process is often a healing process, taking imperfections, honesty, excitement and converting that into visual energy. Art is a therapy and it helps me remember who I am, and why I create. As an extension to this, I use my studio as an open house to facilitate and teach others in finding and channeling their creativity. My goal is to provide a friendly, warm and peaceful space for anyone to come and find their artistic freedom.

Based in the beautiful market town of Horsham, West Sussex, I have been lucky enough to find inspiration on my doorstep. With the beauty and tranquillity of the South Downs to one side of me and the hustle, bustle and diversity of London on the other. It's hard not to feel inspired when you are surrounded by what both nature and human endeavour have to offer.

I truly hope you feel inspired by my work and that you get as much enjoyment from having it on your wall as I did creating it.

 Rebel with a cause!

James Dean and his iconic image was my ‘muse’ in art college and I used to practice drawing him a lot.

Fast forward a good few years to the day when I decided to leave the corporate world behind and commit totally to my art career, I walked past an art gallery and there he was. James Dean. A wonderfully huge Pop Art James Dean work of art. It was a sign I couldn’t ignore.

I walked in and before I knew it, had parted with £800 for Mr Dean. Considering I was leaving the security of my job and leaping into the unknown, some would question my frivolous purchase.

But it was up on my wall, I knew I was meant to have it. Art should evoke something in you, make you feel or remember something. Now I look at this piece and it reminds of my journey with art and how far I’ve come.